"I love working with Kelsey. She is a hard worker with an amazing work ethic. She has a great attitude and is eager to continue learning. She is committed to the overall success of the established objective."  -Lori Kennedy, Compassion Productions 

"Kelsey is a diligent and focused worker. She welcomes new challenges with a positive attitude and an unflinching drive. She brings a calm kindness to all situations. This combination of positivity and drive make her a delight to work alongside and a trustworthy steward of any task."    -David Burns, Tour Manager for Streamline Event Agency

“Working with Kelsey Smith is pure JOY. More than simply having talent (which she has!), she has heart, grit, and passion. She pours wisdom and intentionality into every aspect of her work, and I couldn’t love who she is and what she does more!” -Emily Cummins, Founder of BecomingMe.TV and Executive Director at Church of Hope 

"Kelsey is a joy to work with! She's fun, flexible, and a hard worker. She's always ready to jump in and help with whatever is needed and her sweet spirit is contagious! She is for sure an asset to the team!!" -Emily Kilby, Compassion Productions 

"Kelsey Smith is dedicated, hard working and get’s the job done efficiently and with tact, all things that we look for in our tour personnel."   -Greg Lee, Director of Touring at Streamline Event Agency 

"Kelsey worked for me throughout her college career. During her tenure I recognized her as a talented professional with an eagerness to learn and superior problem solving skills. She is honest, dependable, and truthworthy. She created a work environment enjoyed by all whom she came into contact. While Nashville gained a talented professional, the benefits of my association with Kelsey will last forever." -Tom Kwentus, CFO of AFISCO Industrial